Tuesday, 19 February 2013

An Anglican

In a supermarket there are many different brands of marmalade. But we may have a favorite brand which we always buy. When asked why we buy particular jar of marmalade we can give all sorts of reasons such as the price, the taste and even the packaging. It is so easy to forget that the most important thing about that jar of marmalade is that it is actually marmalade and not marmite. 

The question ‘what is an Anglican?’ Is a bit like this. It is easy to get preoccupied with insignificant issues as to what makes someone or some church Anglican. When discussing this question there is a dangerous tendency to focus on features that are not so important - the use of liturgy, the sort of building ou meet in, even the presence of bishops and synods. It is easy to forget that the most important thing about being an Anglican is being a Christian. You might not use Anglican liturgy but you can still be Christian! You might enjoy Anglican liturgy and yet not be Christian!

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