Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fighting the Angel of Death


The Angel of Death is a delegate of God. It has been connected with the dim holy messenger Samael, who speaks to Satan, however acts just under the course or regard of God. Numerous stories depict the fight between the Angel of Death and people. This holy messenger frequently must resort to trickery, for it is not all influential. For sure, sporadically Death is crushed. Lord David once asked God when he would bite the dust. God reacted that no individual would ever know ahead of time the time of their death. But since of David's legitimacy, he discovered that he would pass on a Sabbath day when he was seventy years of age.

So David used each Sabbath day solely in the investigation of Torah, for it is said that the Angel of Death has no control over anybody satisfying one of the decrees. One Sabbath day, which was likewise the heavenly day of Shavuot, David heard an interesting, wondrous sound in his enclosure. He went to see what was making the commotion and the steps prompting the enclosure given way, slaughtering him. The Angel of Death had brought on such a charming commotion, David overlooked that death was close.

The Angel of Death has numerous traps up its sleeve.

Then again, when the sage Rabbi Joshua ben Levi was going to bite the dust, the Angel of Death was guided to do one of his wishes. The researcher asked Death to demonstrate to him what it looked like where he was going, which the blessed messenger consented to do. Be that as it may before leaving, Rabbi Joshua said, "Provide for me your blade [that which you use to execute people], or I be terrified along the way." This is the way Rabbi Joshua got the Angel of Death to hand over to him the instrument of death.11

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